Our Network

Individual Referral Program
If you are a Student, Service Man, Sales or Service executive in any firm/ company, than we have Ideas to make you more money from your Part time. You can earn up to 4o% from the profit we make on a Project. How? Follow these simple steps:

Referral Program What you have to do is to only refer our name for Services we provide and fix our representative's appointment at Client's office , That's it you are all done.

Referral Money If we got project from that client you had referred you will be qualified for the profit sharing , and receive a check instantly when the Project is completed with your earning report.

To join email your resume with valid email and phone no. to info@koshi.co.in

Partner Program

Integrate our Services

We want to develop Partner network in different places in Bihar. You can Join our network and start a new way to make income by providing services to clients. You will really increase your Profits by integrating our services with your business. We have separate group to provide separate type of Solutions. To Join email your company/Organization profile to partner@koshi.co.in